🚀 We closed our pre-seed round of €1million - Read more
🚀 We closed our pre-seed - Read more

Our story

Along Founders

👋 Hi, we are Julian and Freddy.

Brothers going strong since day 1.

Along Nagel Architecture

Growing up in an architect's household.

Always with an eye on design.

Along Zaha Hadid

Inspired by creator's of tomorrow.

Zaha Hadid is a true inspiration turning fiction into facts.

Along logos

Along wasn't born in a day.

We validated multiple ideas before finding our solution in the process.

Along agreements

We are building the harmony tool for business relationships.

Along is a response to problems we had with previous customers, clients, and 3rd party businesses.

Along Portugal

Manoeuvering Covid.

Sharing a bed for months again like back in childhood brought us closer and made us better!

Along roadblocks

Overcoming roadblocks.

Music keeps our head strong - and taking inspiration from stoicism and the stockdale paradox.

Along Team

Meeting Thabo in London.

A third partner made the vision clearer.

Along Sesimbre

Escaping to create.

We left for the most isolated place with fiber internet in Portugal.

Along New York City

Finding inspiration in the big 🍏

Returning to younger versions of yourself is a blessing.

Along Founding Team

The future of work is flexible.

From New York to London to Berlin - being far but feeling close!

Along collaboration

Mastering collaboration.

Building Along as a desing-based collaboration tool from the start.

Along headspace

Building ain't easy!

Activities that helped us balance - running and meditation.

Along vision

But so worth it!

The struggle makes it special.

Along mission

Let's get Along

Join our journey 🌍